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As professional simultaneous interpreters, we understand the importance of clear and accurate communication in various settings. To achieve this, the use of technology is key. We're here to provide you with information on the latest tools and equipment available. From Tour Guide systems to infrared and radio frequency systems, we cover a range of solutions designed to facilitate interpretation services. We also provide information on how platforms can be used for interpretation.


The system used to relay sound is a critical component of the interpretation process and must be carefully selected and maintained to ensure optimal performance. There are several types of sound systems and virtual platforms used in simultaneous interpreting. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The choice will depend on the size and venue of the event.

For example, if the event is being held in a small conference room, a simple wired system with a limited range or a Tour Guide system may be sufficient. However, for larger events held in a stadium or outdoor venue, a wireless system with a greater range and coverage area may be necessary. The event could occur at multiple locations and require a hybrid approach.

Other factors that may be considered when choosing a communication system include the nature of the event, the number of attendees, the cost of the equipment, the availability of local interpreters and the types of audio sources that need to be transmitted.

The most popular alternatives include:

Infrared System

This solution uses infrared technology to transmit sound from the speakers to the interpreter's booth without interference from ambient noise. Infrared systems are a popular piece of technology used in conference and event settings. Infrared systems are versatile and can be adapted to meet the needs of different types of meetings, regardless of their size. One of the key benefits of using an infrared system for simultaneous interpretation is that it is highly resistant to interference from ambient noise. Unlike other systems that rely on radio or Wi-Fi signals, infrared signals cannot be picked up by nearby devices or disrupted by electrical interference. This means that the interpreter can hear the audio feed clearly and without any background noise, allowing for accurate and efficient interpretation. Infrared systems are also highly secure, as the signals cannot be intercepted or accessed by unauthorised individuals. Additionally, they are easy to set up and operate, making them a popular choice for conference and event organisers.

This system uses radio waves to transmit sound from the speakers to the interpreter's booth. It is highly portable and can be used in large venues or outdoor settings. The RF system is particularly useful in large events or conferences where the participants are spread out over a wide area. It allows event participants to move around freely while still receiving the interpretation, as the wireless receivers are portable and can be easily carried.

Radio Frequency System 

Wired System

This system uses cables to transmit sound from the speakers to the interpreter's booth. It is typically used in smaller venues. Wired Systems can be a cost-effective and reliable solution for smaller venues that do not require the mobility or flexibility of wireless systems, and where a direct line of sight between the speakers and interpreter's booth is not required.

Tour Guide system (Bidule)

A Tour Guide system can be compared to a walkie-talkie in the way that it uses wireless technology to transmit audio. However, while a walkie-talkie allows two-way communication, a tour guide system typically only allows for one-way communication, with the interpreter transmitting audio from the small device to the participants fitted with headphones. It is used to provide interpretation services or audio assistance in small group settings. They can also be complex to set up and use, which may require additional training or technical support. The system is designed to be portable and can be used in various settings without requiring a booth. However, if the meeting or conference requires simultaneous interpretation in a small setting, a booth may be needed for the interpreters to avoid disrupting the meeting.

The Mobile GT Booth technology is perfect for small business meetings that require simultaneous interpretation. It is a browser-based solution that enables interpreters to provide their interpretation services through their own smartphones. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective solution for small businesses or organisations that require interpretation services for their meetings or conferences. With the Mobile GT Booth, interpretation can be set up quickly and easily online, making it an efficient solution for small-scale events. Furthermore, the system is designed for simultaneous interpretation, allowing for the interpreter's voice to be heard in real-time without disrupting the meeting.

Mobile GT Booth (MGTB)

Hybrid interpreting is a type of conference interpreting that combines traditional on-site interpreting with remote interpreting technology. It is also sometimes referred to as "blended" or "mixed-mode" interpreting. In a hybrid interpreting scenario, some interpreters are physically present at the event venue and provide interpretation services in the usual way, using booths, headsets, and microphones. At the same time, other interpreters are located remotely, often in a separate location, and they provide interpretation through a video conferencing platform or similar technology. Hybrid interpreting is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility and convenience. It allows for greater accessibility to interpretation services and can reduce costs associated with travel and accommodation for interpreters. It can also provide a solution for events that are taking place in multiple locations, as interpreters can participate remotely. However, hybrid interpreting also presents some unique challenges. For example, technical issues such as poor internet connectivity or sound quality can disrupt the interpretation service.

Hybrid System

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting 

Remote Interpreting software enables interpretation services from any location, allowing you to share your event with multilingual audiences worldwide. They are platforms that enable interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretation services remotely through cloud-based software. With these platforms, both speakers and audiences can participate remotely in conferences and other events without the need for physical presence. Remote interpretation solutions seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing and streaming platforms such as Zoom, YouTube Streaming, and Webex, among others. This means that you can add multiple languages to your existing virtual events.

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Equipment providers

National Provider : 

Congress Rental New Zealand Ltd

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Congress Rental New Zealand are a specialist provider of audio-visual solutions to enhance communication at single or multi-language meetings & events throughout Aotearoa. We have been providing conferencing solutions and simultaneous interpretation rental services in the Asia-Pacific for more than 20 years, making us the leading and largest supplier within this region. With live conferences and events, there is no second chance! - it needs to be perfect the first time. Therefore, our team of highly trained experts take pride in keeping up with the latest technologies. This ensures your event is delivered with the highest quality and excellence. We use equipment and systems that provide superior performance and reliability. We account for every detail, no matter how small, and leave nothing to chance. Our solutions include the following: · Simultaneous Interpretation · Conference Microphones Systems · Silent Conference Systems · Remote Interpretation · Hybrid Streaming Solutions · Audience Response Systems · Tour Guide Systems · Automated Dome Cameras Integration · Whisper Systems for Interpretation · Thermal Temperature Screening · Sign Language Technology Support · Bespoke Audio Visual Solutions Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can customise a solution that will work for your event to create engagement and communication at the highest level. Communication, Innovation, Excellence. Our full range of solutions includes Simultaneous Interpretation, Conference Microphones, Silent Conference, Tour Guide Systems, Audience Response, Streaming Live Events and Remote Interpretation. By specialising in these solutions, we avoid competing with our traditional AV partners and our Interpreter provider partners. Instead, our strategy gives our clients the flexibility to choose their preferred AV and Interpreter solutions to integrate into our solutions. We use only the latest and best technology. They are set up by our highly trained, expert technicians, giving our clients the highest level of service. Our customer-oriented team will work to provide a tailored, seamless solution and ensure that our clients enjoy a stress-free experience working with us. With office locations in Wellington (HQ), Auckland, and Christchurch, Congress Rental New Zealand can advise you on all aspects relating to the supply, installation and operation of Simultaneous Interpretation equipment. Our liaison with your designated venue is seamless, as we know most venues. We interface with your audio-visual company, and we manage all areas of service, bump in, installation, operation and bump out in consultation with you, and without the need for supervision. Congress Rental also undertakes detailed project management for all projects, ensuring they remain headache free for clients. We also manage the freight, including duties, customs, carnet’s and local delivery.

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